Ed Tower

Associate Financial Planner

June 30 1987, the date written on the form accepting yours truly, as a mutual funds representative. In the past 32 years, you and I have seen many changes, all of which we have lived through and most of which have been forgotten..


Now, it is again time for a personal change. One which comes with some question in, my mind, as I move toward retirement from this incredible business. As of Dec 1, 2019, I will change how I am doing business, which only means, not being available for everyday business conversation and answering emails, phone calls, etc.


Over the past 14 years, I have worked in the same office as Natalie Fletcher. She is a branch manager, with much the same responsibilities as I have had, however, her experience includes pension plans, life insurance, marriage, separation, divorce and  taxation. She has studied these areas extensively over the last 20 plus years of her business career. Additionally, she is an experienced financial adviser and utilizes her expertise in assisting clients with their today and tomorrow ideas of what and how to accomplish their life dreams. The above is to acquaint you with Natalie. We have arranged a team within the office, including her assistant Heather Dixon. Natalie will be responsible for client contact of all types, and will assess client plans assisting with updating all, over next few months.


Where does this leave Ed? It actually frees him from the day to day usual office activities to focus on consulting with Natalie over each client and bringing all information up to current plus maintenance of same, and to begin his move toward retirement. Natalie’s assistant, Heather, has been working with Natalie for over 10 years and may be speaking with each person over time. This consulting process will continue for the foreseeable future.


Of course, this change comes with some mixed emotions, because it will take me out of the client contact experience and place me in a position of consultation. Additionally, it will include assisting Natalie to become totally aware of your financial ideas and plans. This transition begins Dec 1, 2019 and will take the form of a letter to all clients advising of the change, followed by a phone call to create a time to meet, preferably in our office.