Natalie FletcherCDFA, QAFP

Financial Planner

Natalie has been an Independent Financial Advisor of Investment Planning Counsel for over twenty years. With many different clients, from different backgrounds they all come to Natalie with a similar objective: to retire happy and retire sooner.


Natalie’s practice has grown over the years as parents have retired and their children have followed in their parent's footsteps to success.


Natalie is also a Financial Divorce Analyst if circumstances ever arise with complicated situations where a fair division is in question.  


Natalie has also accomplished a great deal of success with both public and private pension plan strategies and transfers. She has been able to customize individual financial needs into long-term strategies to best suit her clients through the advantages of a personally tailored plan.


Through all of the financial bumps and hurtles, Natalie’s clients have enjoyed the benefits of having relief from their problems with just one friendly call away. Retirement can’t come soon enough for some and some may never want to retire at all, but whatever your plan is, you want to be ready when your time is right and Natalie can guide you through it all the way.


Financial divorce analysis offered through Financial Divorce Strategies.